Transnational Trade and Commerce Center (TTCC)

Transnational Trade and Commerce Center (TTCC), Was founded in 1999,  is an International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supporting and promoting trade. With its office in Abuja, Lagos and Port harcout all in Nigeria. TTCC was incorporated as a trade, investment and international business organization.

As a trade center the objective aim, revolves around the promotion, production, products, goods and services between Nigeria and other countries. We also encourage trade, commerce, agriculture and industry by improving various trade groups and communities with factual information concerning the the issues around trade and commerce.

Core Values

The Center Today

TTCC since its incorporation has continued to provide its members which are over 1000 as of 2017 and the general  public; hope, trust, and coordination in all level of trade engagement.

The management of the Center is structured to carry out activities of the Center through various Sectoral Groups and Service Committees which cover a variety of interests. The Center’s Secretariat provides the administrative and technical support for the day-to-day working of the Chamber

The management of the Center usually meets monthly on a communicated date to deliberate on issues of importance to the Center, the business sector and the economy at large.

Mission Statement

To Promote and protect the interests of its members and the business community at large through public policy advocacy, creation and facilitation of commercial and industrial opportunity, provision of business development and services and observance of highest standard of business ethics

Vision Statement

To exceptionally remain the foundation of transnational and bi-lateral trade agreements and general promotion of fair business ethics and delivery of qualitative services.


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Written below are the events held annually:

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