• International Trade Development

  • Trade Exhibition, Conference, and Summits

  • International Business and Bilateral Trade Exchange

  • Import and Export Trade Promotions

  • Trade Tourism, Trade Expos, and International Trade Fairs.

Trade Expos

Via our trade shows, we provide Nigerians a platform to showcase Nigeria made goods and services to the world. This event are often held during host country’s trade show week, providing participating Nigeria an insight into improving their product.

Trade Summits

Learning and improving never stops in business. Our summits bring top rated business individuals from several sectors to speak on our trade talks events. Their deep knowledge and experience will unmeasurable for the participants.


This organised Business events open up unique opportunities in New Markets and Trade, facilitate networking with peers

Round Table Meetings

During all our trade events and expos, we host regular round table meetings involving once again top rated business minds around. This cozier and calmer experience provide our participants direct access to this individuals, ask questions even take pictures


The gathering of traders, marketers, business men & women can only lead to one thing: Networking. Business is all about networks, and this event provides every participants the platform to link to a supplier, buyer, admirer, mentor, distributor etc.


We take pride in the achievements of our trade events and expos. the platform has helped facilitate Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPI) in Nigeria, thereby improve the local economy.


FOW WORLD LTD and its subsidiary TRANSNATIONAL TRADE AND COMMERCE CENTRE has for 24 years organized top trade summit and expos around the world.
Written below are the events held annually:

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